Integrate Analytics.

All samples need to be analyzed – regardless whether sampling was performed manually or automatically. XtendTM systems can be integrated with UV-Vis spectrophotometers or HPLC / UPLC liquid chromatography systems. As data integrity requirements continue to increase, automated consolidation of protocolled test conditions and analytical results into one report drive the implementation of online systems.


Remain 100 % flexible without dedicating your system to any analytical method. Offline systems automatically collect samples in standardized tubes, vials, or wellplates for manual transfer by the operator to an analytical device. For methods with multiple timepoints, the system can automatically replace withdrawn sample volumes if needed.


UV Online

Gather analytical data in real-time and eliminate waiting times by integrating a UV-Vis spectrophotometer into your sampling process. Withdrawn volumes are immediately returned to the vessels – no medium replacement required. Results including protocolled test conditions are available in one consolidated report.


UV On-/Offline

Get the best of both worlds and combine the advantages of UV Online with the flexibility of an Offline system. Perform UV-Vis measuring in real-time and collect samples for more complex analytical methods offline. Add cooling of collected samples if needed and let the system execute medium replacement automatically.


LC On-/Offline

Collect samples offline – and automatically inject them into an HPLC / UPLC without any manual transfer. The SAM sample manager buffers collected sampling volumes from all vessels and sequentially injects them into your chromatography system. Reduce the time from sampling to analysis to an absolute minimum – particularly for your most critical products.


Analyze your Samples.