01 March 2021

Offline Dissolution Tester for automated sampling, filtration and collection

The ATS Xtend™ Offline system automates essential steps of your dissolution test - making them highly repeatable. Samples are simultaneously taken from 6-8 vessels, filtered, and collected in tubes, capped LC vials, or wellplates.

Based on the circular AT dissolution tester, the semi-automated ATS Xtend™ Offline system excels with user-friendliness and built-in compliance. Repeatable sampling positions with either HollowShaftTM, AutoLiftTM or resident probes ensure that samples are simultaneously withdrawn from the vessels at correct time points the same way every time.

Powerful piston pump technology easily handles foaming media, ensures highly accurate volumes, standardizes the pulling force and allows for fine filtration by pushing through filters down to 0.2 microns. Filtered samples are collected in glass tubes, capped LC vials, or HPLC / UPLC wellplates in the SAM sample manager to avoid re-racking. Standardization reduces potential sources of variability and makes your dissolution testing process more efficient.

Xtend™ – Modular. Scalable. Future-proof.