ATF Xtend™ LC On-/Offline

Fully automated system for direct injection of collected dissolution samples into your HPLC / UPLC.

  • 100% DIRECT - Injection of samples from multiple dissolution runs directly into HPLC / UPLC systems.
  • 100% AUTOMATED - Run a series of unattended tests over night or over the weekend.
  • 100% TRACEABLE - Program every time point and event of your dissolution profile including media preparation, standard, pH changes, and cleaning.
  • MEDIA - Fully automated media preparation, degassing, and vessel filling with gravimetric confirmation of delivered volumes.
  • TEST - Maximum repeatability with automated sampling, filtration, collection, and direct injection.
  • CLEAN - Validated cleaning procedures that are automatically executed between dissolution runs.
  • FINE FILTRATION - Push through filters down to 0.2 microns for trouble-free LC injection.


Dissolution process steps with a fully automated LC On-/Offline dissolution testing system.


Direct Injection.

Filtration is critical for HPLC / UPLC analysis. The ability to push through filters with a porosity down to 0.2 microns makes the ATF Xtend™ an ideal choice for directly injecting samples into your liquid chromatography system. No more error-prone handling of vials - let your system do the work for you. Reduce the time from collection to analysis to an absolute minimum.

Automated spray cleaning of vessels in AT-F dissolution bath at end of a test run.

100% Unattended.

The ATF Xtend™ is designed for "true" end-to-end automation. It can perform a series of dissolution tests and cleans itself in between runs - without any operator action required. Medium is prepared, heated, and degassed automatically in an integrated tank. Samples are filtered, collected, and sequentially injected into any HPLC / UPLC system. Once the last samples have been withdrawn from the vessels, a validated cleaning procedure is executed and next run starts immediately.

Collect dissolution samples offline with different capacities.

Faster. Stronger. Better.

The integrated high-precision piston pump heads of the ATF Xtend™ allow for very short sampling intervals and ensure trouble-free filtration. Problems typically associated with conventional syringe pumps - such as handling foaming media or pushing through fine porosity filters - are virtually unknown. 

Individual video monitoring of each dissolution vessel throughout the test

Traceable Repeatability.

Automated execution of all steps maximizes repeatability. Dissolution tests are always performed under identical conditions - from media preparation to self-cleaning of the entire system. Integrated protocolling functions provide for complete traceability including gravimetric confirmation of delivered volumes when filling vessels. Advanced functionalities such as in-vessel volume monitoring and CenterView™ video monitoring further add to the traceability of your test results.

AutoCompliance with self-centering dissolution vessels.

Compliance by Design.

From self-centering vessels to data management according to 21 CFR part 11 requirements - the ATF Xtend™ is compliant by design. Powerful q-doc® software allows managing all your methods, results, and users in one system with "built-in" data integrity. Take control of your data and avoid mechanical adjustments by operators with proven AutoCompliance™.


AT-F dissolution bath for fully automated Xtend™ systems.

AT-F bath

Integrated module with vessel filling, sampling, and cleaning functions.

Integrated MP-F media station to heat & degas dissolution media.

MP-F media station

Integrated module to prepare, heat, and degas dissolution media.

Integrated sampling pump for fully automated Xtend™ dissolution systems

CP-F piston pump

Fast and powerful to push through filters and handle foaming media.

CS-F module for automated emptying & cleaning of dissolution vessels

CS-F cleaning station

Integrated module for spray cleaning and emptying of vessels.

CS-F module for automated emptying & cleaning of dissolution vessels

CS-F cleaning station

Integrated module for spray cleaning and emptying of vessels.

Collect and directly inject samples into HPLC systems from 30-90 timepoints.

SAM-S sample manager

Collect samples and inject directly into HPLC / UPLC systems.

Data management software for all methods, results, and users.

q-doc® software

All your data in one place with built-in 21 CFR part 11 compliance.


Direct injection of samples into HPLC / UPLC


Liquid chromatography system for analysis of samples.

Integrated video monitoring for individual vessels.


Video monitoring of the dissolution process in each individual vessel.