CP-F Piston Pump

Integrated high-end sampling pump for fully automated Xtend™ dissolution systems.

  • ACCURATE - Precise delivery of small to large sampling volumes with high-end piston pump
  • STRONG - Allows for fine filtration and pushes through filter porosities of only 0.2 microns
  • FAST - Powerful pumping technology for short cycle times with minimum sampling intervals
  • SURFACTANTS - Handles different types of media including foaming media with surfactants
  • ROBUST - Valve-free ceramic piston head design requires only minimum maintenance
  • INTEGRATED - Space-saving integration into the housing of fully automated systems
  • NO PRIMING - Always ready to go without requiring any time-consuming priming


Designed for automation.

Developed to master the challenges associated with fully automated operation, the integrated CP-F pump module with valve-free ceramic piston heads ensures precise and fast sampling. Capable of pushing through filters with a minimum porosity of 0.2 microns, the powerful piston pump handles different media types including foaming media with surfactants

Fast and precise.

High-end piston pump technology ensures fast and highly accurate sample volume delivery with up to 50 mL per minute. The powerful CP-F doesn't require any priming - reducing overall cycle time. Seven pump heads are integrated into the ATF XtendTM fully automated dissolution system using 100% identical components like the CP benchtop version.