AT-F Dissolution Bath

High-end dissolution bath for integration in fully automated Xtend™ dissolution systems.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION - Automatically fills, empties, and spray-cleans all dissolution vessels
  • MULTI-RUN - SmartAdd™ magazine to automatically introduce dosage forms for a series of dissolution tests
  • INTEGRATED - Pre-configured for fully automated operation with ATF Xtend™ dissolution systems
  • DISPENSE - Degassed medium is carefully dispensed down the vessel wall to avoid re-aeration
  • SAMPLE - Automated sampling with AutoLift™, HollowShaft™, or stationary cannulas
  • MONITORING - In-vessel volume monitoring with contact-free sensor technology
  • TEMPERATURE - Multi-temperature probes for in-vessel temperature monitoring


Multi-function head.

The AT-F dissolution bath is pre-configured with a multi-function head, that seamlessly operates with other integrated XtendTM modules for fully automated testing. Up to eight functionalities are combined for each vessel - such as media inlets for vessel filling, motorized waste cannulas to empty vessels, rotating spray nozzles for power washing, return lines, temperature probes, and motorized AutoLiftTM sampling cannulas.

Setup a series of dissolution tests with SmartAdd tablet magazine

SmartAdd™ tablet magazine.

Make your testing continuos - or prepare a new series of tests while the system is running. Whether you automate dissolution DOE in R&D or routine testing in QC, SmartAddTM allows flexible interaction and avoids downtime. Simply exchange complete tablet magazines or add new samples to a running sequence.

Automated vessel filling avoiding reaeration of the dissolution medium.

Fill vessels.

In combination with the integrated MP-F media preparation module, the AT-F bath automatically fills vessels. Media is dispensed down the vessel wall avoiding media re-aeration. Delivered volumes are confirmed gravimetrically by the MP-F and in-vessel volumes are monitored throughout the test.

Automated spray cleaning of vessels in AT-F dissolution bath at end of a test run.

Empty & Clean.

No need to remove vessels anymore. In combination with the integrated CS-F module, the AT-F automatically empties all vessels on completion of a test run and starts the washing routine. Customized self-cleaning procedures can be created and saved per product allowing for enhanced routines.