26 April 2021

Manual and modular dissolution testing using a staggered start

Ease of operation is key to any Xtend™ dissolution system. Because of the innovative circular design, superior visibility is retained regardless of using manual sampling or an integrated autosampler.

The AT Xtend™ dissolution bath makes taking samples manually easier and more compliant than ever. Proven features like AutoCompliance™ which allows for reproducible sampling positions, in-vessel temperature measuring, and integrated video monitoring provide enhanced traceability.

Another highlight of the manual bath is the staggered test start. Introducing your dosage forms sequentially into non-circulating media, with the shafts/paddles in a raised position, allows your product to settle undisturbed in the bottom of the vessel. Upon lowering the paddles the stirring starts automatically.

Are you ready for automation? So is your bath. Simply add other Xtend™ modules for automated sampling, filtration, collection and integrated UV-Vis analysis.

Xtend™ – Modular. Scalable. Future-proof.