31 March 2021

Fully automated Dissolution Tester for paddle and basket methods USP 1/2/5/6

The ATF Xtend™ On-/Offline system is a highly flexible fully automated self-cleaning dissolution tester with online UV-Vis analysis and offline sample collection for multiple test runs.

Automate your complete dissolution process - from preparing dissolution media and filling vessels to system cleaning at the end of each test run. The ATF Xtend™ automatically prepares the media needed for your dissolution tests, heats & degasses by vacuum (or de-aerates with helium) and precisely fills all vessels including gravimetric verification of delivered volumes. On completion of a test run, all vessels are emptied and the entire system cleans itself with robust customizable washing routines. The ATF Xtend™ combines online UV-Vis measuring and offline sample collection. Samples that have been analyzed in the integrated UV-Vis spectrophotometer can be collected for backup or for comparing different analytical finishes.

Xtend™ – Modular. Scalable. Future-proof.