31 May 2021

100% automated dissolution with analytical data in real time

The ATF Xtend™ with UV-Vis analysis gives you an entire sequence of several dissolution lots with true end-to-end automation.

The fully automated ATF Xtend™ performs all steps from media preparation to cleaning. Prepared media is dispensed down the vessel wall avoiding reaeration and the delivered volumes are confirmed gravimetrically.
On completion of a test run, all vessels are emptied and the entire system cleans itself with robust customizable washing routines.

For immediate analysis of the dissolved API, the UV-Vis spectrophotoscopy is a efficient way to get real-time dissolution results. Each vessel can be measured instantly at one or multiple timepoints for immediate release (IR), delayed release (DR), or modified release (MR) methods. Withdrawn volumes are immediately returned to the vessels – no medium replacement required. Results including protocolled test conditions are available in one consolidated report.

Xtend™ – Modular. Scalable. Future-proof.