IPC Peristaltic Pump

Simple & robust peristaltic pump for semi-automated UV online systems.

  • SIMPLE - An economical alternative for less demanding UV online methods using high-porosity filtration
  • UV-VIS - Designed for pumping in circulation with limited accuracy requirements
  • METHODS - Immediate release methods with single timepoint and basic filtration requirements
  • CHANNELS - Delivers sample volumes to integrated UV-Vis spectrophotometer from up to eight vessels
  • ROBUST - Planetary drive with eight actively driven stainless steel rollers for low pulsation


Simple and robust.

The IPC peristaltic pump can be integrated in simple semi-automated UV online systems for methods with less demanding filtration requirements. Its robust and simple design makes it an economical alternative for pumping sampling volumes in circulation for integrated UV-Vis analysis with single timepoint methods.