Finding the best solution for your needs starts with one simple question: "What do you want to do?". Our experts then assist in finding the most suitable system configuration, help with method development or method transfer if needed – and support your team throughout the entire lifecycle of your Xtend™ dissolution system.

Xtend™ –
Flexibility maximized.

The modular Xtend™ Dissolution Line offers flexible sampling & filtration possibilities to mimic existing environments with differently automated systems. Identical components - from manual to 100% unattended operation with self-cleaning - provide for simplified method transfer and maximize use of your Xtend™ systems.  


What do you not want to automate?

What steps of your dissolution process are mission-critical and need to be performed manually? Automation with Xtend™ allows qualified staff to focus on what's really important rather than spending their time on supporting activities. How much time does your laboratory team spend on tasks such as filling vessels and cleaning the system? 



Modular. Scalable. Future-proof.

Configure your system.

Various configuration options with standardized Xtend™ modules and functionalities allow tailoring your dissolution tester to meet the specific requirements of a particular method. Compliant by design, Xtend™ systems offer the possibility to add additional functionalities as needed.

Integrated Video Monitoring.

CenterViewTM to individually record the dissolution process per vessel.


Compliant by Design.

No adjustments required with fixed shaft height and self-centering vessels.


USP 1/2/5/6
and more.

Different vessel designs and apparatus types for various dissolution methods.


media valve.

Simplify system cleaning and automate media replacement or pH changes.


Increase Your Efficiency.