29 April 2019

Your dissolution test – only perform manually what really counts.

Whether you do routine testing in QC or need to execute DOE studies in R&D – Xtend™ allows flexible automation of your dissolution tests as needed. Standardized Xtend™ Modules can be combined to differently automated dissolution testing systems.

Automated vessel filling avoiding reaeration of the dissolution medium.

Media is automatically dispensed down the vessel wall avoiding reaeration. Delivered volumes are confirmed gravimetrically and in-vessel volumes are monitored throughout the dissolution test.

From manual baths to full end-to-end automation with multiple networked systems – Xtend™ is one platform for all your dissolution needs. Automation allows qualified staff to focus on critical tasks rather than spending their time on supporting activities. With Xtend™, all dissolution steps from media preparation to cleaning of the system can be performed automatically. Use the mobile MPS media preparation station and the DVC-24 vessel cleaner for your manual and semi-automated dissolution systems – or perform a series of multiple 100% unattended dissolution tests including media preparation and self-cleaning of the entire system with the ATF Xtend™.

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