17 July 2023

Xtend™: Export PDF reports to USB flash drive or to the EasyTouch™ file share

When operating your Xtend™ dissolution system without q-doc® or WinSOTAX® plus, you can also export reports as PDF.

The EasyTouch™ user interface of Xtend™ dissolution systems allows to export reports as PDF to a USB flash drive or save reports to a file share (SFTP) on EasyTouch™ that can be accessed from any computer in the network This is particularly useful for Xtend™ configurations that are not operated with q-doc® or WinSOTAX® plus software (e.g. manual AT Xtend™ baths or ATS Xtend™ Offline systems).

The “Export to file share (SFTP)” function stores the report as PDF in a directoy on the EasyTouch™ itself. This directory can be accessed from any computer in the network via SFTP (e.g., WinSCP or Filezilla).