25 May 2023

q-doc® – New version 4L available now.

From configurable process drivers to the integration of new testing instruments – the latest software version offers a whole package of new features to make your IPC processes easier and more compliant.

Besides new instrument drivers for Krüss DS7800 density meter and Novasina Labmaster-aw Neo water activity meter, with q-doc® 4L we are introducing a new type of driver: the 'process driver'. 
Process drivers are a valuable tool for organizations aiming at complete electronic records to ensure compliance and data integrity in their operations – for example Contract Research and Manufacturing Organizations (CRMOs).

Process Driver? This is what’s different.
While an ‘instrument driver’ allows to perform tests with a specific type of instrument (e.g., a balance), a ‘process driver’ primarily ensures that specific steps for a certain type of test are followed. The operator is guided through the testing process and all steps are documented automatically. This is particularly useful for procedures that require executing a lot of manual tasks (e.g., a sieving analysis to determine particle size distribution).

What can be configured?
As some companies require their operators to sign certain steps with their user credentials, while others prefer a simple click on “OK”, it can be configured how steps should be confirmed. It is also possible to exclude some steps or add steps with custom texts.

What about weight measuring?
For procedures that involve recording the weight of samples, measurements can either be entered manually or are automatically transferred from a connected balance using the standard q-doc® instrument driver for Mettler balances or Sartorius balances. You can use the same balance driver in combination with different process drivers.

How do I start a test?
Process drivers seamlessly integrate into the existing q-doc® framework. Operators start tests exactly the same way like with ‘instrument drivers’: simple select the test run you would like to perform in the TestCenter and drag it to the process icon instead of an instrument. That’s it. A new window will open and you have started the test.

What about Master Data?
New test classes have been added for the new type of tests covered by the ‘process drivers’. Simply use them with products you have already programmed – or create new products with methods using the new test classes.