23 June 2022

Flow-through Cell Dissolution. See differences you cannot see with conventional paddle or basket dissolution methods.

Are you looking for more efficient formulation development? Using the CE 7smart can significantly improve formulation development as it overcomes typical beaker-type method limits.

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Explore the impact of changes in test conditions and detect potential formulation problems at an early stage in your development process. Perform pH changes on the fly while maintaining sink conditions, design experiments with maximum volume flexibility at different flow rates, and benefit from non-disruptive sampling for maximum reproducibility.

Yes, it’s compendial! The flow-through cell dissolution method is described in all major Pharmacopeia (USP, Ph.Eur., JP, ChP) and is perfectly suited for almost any dosage form – including products that cannot be tested with conventional paddle & basket dissolution methods. For testing of APIs, intermediates, tablets and capsules and other oral dosage forms as well as testing of topical, mucosal, parenteral dosage forms and medical devices such as implants, drug eluting stents and coated balloons, the flow-through cell is the most flexible compendial apparatus.