11 July 2024

Streamline daily routines with automated decisions

Modern software solutions provide functionalities beyond conventional reporting features. In addition to usability and compliance, Data Management systems like q-doc® facilitate and accelerate the daily routine work of operators and supervisors.

Streamlined data analysis can be achieved through automation by pre-defining pass / fail criteria and providing operators and supervisors with a quick overview of this analysis.

That's why q-doc® software is more than a data collection tool. Functionalities to quickly check and judge test results are natively built-in using Test Items and Master Report – making it an ideal solution for IPC and QC where timely batch release is of the essence. Test Items help to accelerate and simplify the process of batch data review and decision making.

Would you like to learn more? Please refer to the recently published application note on our website for further information on the functionalities and how to set up Automated Decisions / Test Items.