01 November 2023

Efficiently inspect samples for defects

The manual process of recording and reporting defect samples is often inefficient and error-prone. Streamline this process with the new q-doc® Process Driver 'Aspect Control' and store your data and evaluations in one central location.

What is Aspect Control?

Aspect control refers to the practice of monitoring and controlling the physical appearance of a product, such as its color, shape, size, and surface features, to ensure that the physical characteristics of a product are within the specified limits and meet the required quality standards. Aspect control is used broadly throughout the whole production process, starting from incoming raw material inspection, through manufacturing all the way to IPC and QC.

Ascpect Control with q-doc®

Instead of recording inspection results in paper-based checklists, all findings can be directly entered into q-doc®. Inspection criteria can be defined individually so that the digital checklist is an exact representation of your paper-based document. Once defined, operators can simply record the number of failures as a part of a regular test run – and q-doc® does the rest. No more manual transcription, adding up numbers or incorrect classifications. Findings are protocolled in standard q-doc® reports that are automatically part of your batch record. Results can be evaluated based on pre-defined passed / fail criteria and/or transferred to your LIMS or MES system.

For more information, see the related application note.