MPS Media Preparation Station

Mobile unit to reproducibly heat & degas dissolution medium and dispense into vessels.

  • DEGASSING - Reproducible degassing / de-aeration at USP and FDA recommended levels
  • HEATING - Eliminate waiting times by dispensing accurately heated (and degassed) medium into vessels
  • DISPENSING - Fill vessels with the exact volume of medium at 1500 mL/min. and prevent re-aeration
  • CAPACITY - Brings up to 20 liters of prepared medium to your dissolution baths
  • UNIVERSAL - Use for all brands and different style bath designs to optimize preparation processes
  • REPORT - Documented proof that proper procedure has been followed
  • MOBILE - Robust unit that can be easily moved


Let's move on.

The MPS media preparation station is a mobile unit that can be moved from bath to bath to accurately fill vessels with heated & degassed dissolution medium. Using an ergonomic handheld nozzle, dispensing the exact volume into vessels of any type or brand of dissolution tester has never been easier.


Heating & degassing at USP and FDA recommended levels, the MPS helps in reproducibly preparing your dissolution tests. Dispensed volumes can be verified gravimetrically and documented. Once dispensing (into multiple baths) has been completed, simply connect the unit to your next DI water source and start the automated washing routine.