Providing high-quality testing solutions for pharmaceutical dosage forms such as tablets has been our expertise and passion for more than 40 years. Strongly committed to local service and driving innovation, we are proud to be the preferred choice of pharmaceutical companies world-wide. The SOTAX Group is an international leader in the development and manufacturing of equipment for dissolution testing, automated sample preparation, and physical testing of pharmaceutical dosage forms. With a global network of service engineers, the company is also a trusted provider of installation, maintenance, repair and qualification services for its SOTAX, Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron, and legacy Zymark products.


SOTAX develops and manufactures equipment for dissolution testing and automated sample preparation.
The SOTAX brand is known for having pioneered the USP 4 flow through dissolution testing method and for being the industry’s benchmark brand for fully automated dissolution testing solutions since 1993. In addition to its existing products, SOTAX introduced the revolutionary new Xtend™ dissolution testing product line in 2014.
In 2008, SOTAX acquired the Zymark brand and product lines from Caliper Life Sciences (now part of PerkinElmer). Zymark was known for its pioneering work in the fields of laboratory automation and robotics. All remaining Zymark product lines were rebranded to SOTAX in 2014.
Together, SOTAX and legacy Zymark automated instruments are processing hundreds of thousands of dissolution tests and samples for assay and content/blend uniformity in laboratories worldwide every day.

Dissolution Testing
Automated Sample Preparation

Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron Brand

Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron is the global leader in tablet testing solutions since 1972 and specializes in complete tablet hardness testing solutions.In addition to precision measuring of weight, thickness, width, diameter, and hardness (break force) of tablets, Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron offers an advanced PAT system for automatic content uniformity testing with NIR for real-time release (RTR). The range of physical test equipment also includes tablet disintegration testers, tablet friability testers, tap density testers, powder flow testers and cap torque testing systems. With tens of thousands of hardness testers installed worldwide, Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron sets the standard for instrument robustness and precision.

Physical Testing