SAM S Sample Manager

Dual-rack sample manager for offline collection and direct LC injection.

  • SINGLE SYSTEMS - Collect samples from up to 30 timepoints in two racks
  • DOUBLE SYSTEMS - Simultaneous collection from two connected dissolution baths
  • VIALS - Guided needle piercing for closed LC caps to fill vials with 2mL or 4mL sample volumes
  • GLASS TUBES - Collect different sampling volumes for all vessels in standard glass tubes
  • WELLPLATES - Sample directly into standard LC wellplates to avoid re-racking
  • DIRECT INJECTION - Automatically inject samples into your HPLC / UPLC system
  • SYRINGE - Mount the SP syringe pump module on the SAM dispensing head for simple offline systems
  • COOLING - Add optional cooling of samples to avoid degradation during storage


Samples in rack for dissolution tester

100% Scalable.

The dual-rack SAM S is the most flexible XtendTM sample manager. Truly modular and scalable, it can be configured for sample collection from one or two XtendTM dissolution baths, seamlessly integrates with fully automated ATF XtendTM dissolution systems, and can continuously inject samples into your HPLC / UPLC liquid chromatography system.

Collect from 6-16 vessels.

For single systems with 6-8 vessels, the SAM S collects samples from up to 30 timepoints in two racks - making it an ideal fraction collector for a series of unattended dissolution tests. Alternatively, the unit samples simultaneously into both racks from two XtendTM baths. The SAM S can collect samples in glass tubes, LC vials with slitted or closed caps, and standard wellplates.

Automated LC injection.

Use the SAM S to automatically inject collected samples into your HPLC or UPLC. Equipped with an additional injection needle, collected samples are sequentially injected into your chromatography system while regular sampling & collection continues. Reducing time-to-injection to an absolute minimum, the unattended process allows to run your system over night.

16 channels with syringe.

For ATS XtendTM double offline systems, the SAM S can integrate two SP syringe pump modules for pulling samples from two XtendTM baths simultaneously. Suitable for filter porosities down to 1 micron, the space-saving design is an economical alternative to withdraw & collect surfactant-free samples with limited filtering requirements.