SP Syringe Pump

Compact syringe module for semi-automated offline systems.

  • COMPACT - Mounted directly on the SAM sample manager without requiring additional bench space
  • ACCURATE - Precise delivery of sampling volumes with single motor drive for up to 8 syringes
  • ECONOMIC - An economical alternative for products with limited filtration requirements
  • MEDIA REPLACEMENT - Replace withdrawn sample volumes for multi-timepoint dissolution methods
  • SIMPLE - Handles your non-critical products in semi-automated benchtop systems


Accurate simplicity.

Configurable with 6-8 syringes, the SP syringe pump is an economical alternative for semi-automated offline collection of samples that don't require special filtration. To save bench space and reduce dead volume of sampling lines, the compact module mounts directly on the SAM sample manager. A single motor drive prevents variations between the 6-8 channels.