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Understanding inter-disciplinary needs is at the very heart of our Pharma Services. Specialized in dissolution testing, our experts are familiar with the various challenges associated with governing norms & regulations, different analytical methods to analyze samples, developing a robust method, differently automated instrumentation, API characterization, routine testing, stability testing, and more. With results being affected by API properties, formulation composition, manufacturing process or predicting biopharmaceutical performance, it requires a strong understanding of these various fields to utilize its complete potential.

To take full advantage of its potential, one must have a solid understanding of the different domains that affect results, such as API characteristics, formulation composition, manufacturing process, and biopharmaceutical performance prediction.

Our heritage is in-vitro dissolution testing. Being the only Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with a dissolution testing speciality, our team has a track record of successfully determining the best approach for a wide range of products, including implants, semi-solids, tablets, APIs, and many more.

Dissolution Experts.

In-vitro dissolution testing is in our DNA. Being the only Contract Research Organization (CRO) specialized in dissolution testing our team has a proven track record of finding the most suitable method for products ranging from APIs and tablets to implants, semi-solids, and many more.

Since 1973, SOTAX has focused on in-vitro dissolution testing; nevertheless, we offer much more than "just" dissolution-related pharma services.

Beyond Dissolution.

SOTAX specializes in in-vitro dissolution testing since 1973, but our range of Pharma Services extends far beyond “only” dissolution related services. From API characterization to stability testing – our teams have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and are experts in mastering different analytical techniques for different types of tests.

Three Labs. One Philosophy.

SOTAX operates three labs in Europe, USA and India – all based on the same proven quality management system for best-in-class services in a FDA-inspected, GMP certified environment. Whether you require assistance in method development or would like to outsource routine testing, our local experts assist you throughout the lifecycle of your products.



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This understanding encompasses both formulation and analytics, with specific competence in small and big compounds, oral and parenteral modes of administration, and immediate and modified release dosage forms.



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Our team helps you find potential reasons and put solutions in place for certain issues that arise during the lifecycle of your goods, from troubleshooting to out-of-specification (OOS) investigations.



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Together with state-of-the-art lab equipment, our completely cGMP certified environment and proven scientific know-how deliver first-rate services and 100% compliance. You can rely on our routine testing services because we are a US-FDA inspected facility and a certified pharmaceutical establishment with a qualified person.