ATF Xtend™ UV On-/Offline

Fully automated dissolution tester with integrated UV-Vis analysis and sample collection.

  • 100% FLEXIBLE - Analyze samples immediately with an integrated UV-Vis spectrophotometer or collect them in tubes, vials, and wellplates for offline analysis.
  • COMPARE - Automate your Design of Experiment (DOE) studies and easily compare test results of different analytical finishes.
  • 100% REPEATABLE - Ensure identical test conditions at all times from media preparation to vessel filling, sampling positions, and filtration.
  • ANALYZE - Instant percent dissolved results and real-time dissolution profiles with online UV-Vis measuring using double beam or diode array technology.
  • 100% COMPLIANT - Proven SOTAX AutoCompliance™ with USP, Ph.Eur. and other Pharmacopeia requirements.
  • DATA INTEGRITY - Automatically execute and record every step of your dissolution test.
  • COMPACT - World's most compact fully automated dissolution tester with minimum footprint requirements.


Dissolution process steps with a fully automated UV On-/Offline dissolution testing system.


Automated filling of vessels avoiding re-aeration. On completion of a test run, vessels are automatically emptied and the entire dissolution system cleans itself.

Fully Automated.

Automate your complete dissolution process – from preparing dissolution media and filling vessels to system cleaning at the end of each test run. The ATF Xtend™ automatically prepares the media needed for your dissolution tests, heats & degasses by vacuum (or de-aerates with helium) and precisely fills all vessels including gravimetric verification of delivered volumes. On completion of a test run, all vessels are emptied and the entire system cleans​​​​​​​ itself with robust customizable washing routines.

Collect dissolution samples offline with different capacities.

Flexibility Maximized.

The ATF Xtend™ combines online UV-Vis measuring and offline sample collection in one compact fully automated dissolution tester. Samples that have been analyzed in the integrated UV-Vis spectrophotometer can be collected for backup or for comparing different analytical finishes. Use of the integrated autosampler is not limited in any way - allowing for safe storage of multi-component products in tubes, capped LC vials, or wellplates from 30-60 timepoints.

Real-time UV-Vis.

Gather analytical data in real-time and eliminate waiting times by integrating a double beam or diode array UV-Vis spectrophotometer into your sampling process. Withdrawn volumes are immediately returned to the vessels – no medium replacement required. Results including protocolled test conditions are readily available in one consolidated dissolution report at the end of each test run.

Individual video monitoring of each dissolution tester vessel throughout the test.

Data Integrity.

Methods and recipes are easily managed in full compliance with 21 CFR part 11 requirements, and tests are automatically executed the same way every time. All steps from media preparation to vessel filling, sampling, filtration, and UV-Vis analysis are protocolled. Additionally, CenterView™ video monitoring can be installed to visually record the dissolution process in each vessel. Robust, automated washing routines ensure that there is no carry-over between tests and allow for validation of your cleaning process.

AutoCompliance with self-centering dissolution vessels.


SOTAX dissolution tester are proven to have the lowest wobble rates in the industry. Compliant by design, the ATF Xtend™ with fixed shaft height and self-centering vessels doesn't require any adjustments by the operator. The integrated bath readily accepts the standard-setting MQD™ tool to perform & document mechanical qualification routines according to current FDA guidelines.


AT-F dissolution bath for fully automated Xtend™ systems.

AT-F bath

Integrated module with vessel filling, sampling, and cleaning functions.

Integrated MP-F media station to heat & degas dissolution media.

MP-F media station

Integrated module to prepare, heat, and degas dissolution media.

Integrated sampling pump for fully automated Xtend™ dissolution systems

CP-F piston pump

Fast and powerful to push through filters and handle foaming media.

Integrated filter station for fully automated Xtend™ dissolution systems

FS-F filter station

Integrated module to automatically exchange filters for multiple test runs.

CS-F module for automated emptying & cleaning of dissolution vessels

CS-F cleaning station

Integrated module for spray cleaning and emptying of vessels.

UV7 diode array UV-Vis spectrophotometer

UV7 UV-Vis

Compact and fast diode array spectrophotometer for UV Online.

SAM Sample Manager S for collection samples from 30 timepoints for dissolution tester.

SAM sample manager S

Collect samples offline in tubes, capped LC vials, and wellplates.

Data management software for all methods, results, and users.

q-doc® software

All your data in one place with built-in 21 CFR part 11 compliance.


Double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer for realtime dissolution data

Specord® UV-Vis

High-performance double beam spectrophotometer with CDD.

Video monitoring of the dissolution process in each individual vessel.


Video monitoring of the dissolution process in each individual vessel.

RS robotic station

Automated USP 1 basket exchange and USP 2 sinker retrieval.