Specord® UV-Vis

Spectrophotometer with cooled double detection (CDD) technology.

  • INTEGRATION - Seamless integration with single and double Xtend™ dissolution systems
  • DURABLE - Two temperature controlled detectors for outstanding long-term stability
  • TECHNOLOGY - High-performance double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer with innovative cooled double detection (CDD)
  • REPRODUCIBLE - Internal holmium oxide filter for automatic wavelength calibration and optimized wavelength accuracy
  • PRECISE - Variable spectral resolution includes the smallest details of your spectrum
  • OPTICS - Quartz coated high-end optics with full encapsulation
  • PLUG & PLAY - Immediate performance without any warm-up phase required


High-end optics.

Precision is at the very heart of the Specord© UV-Vis spectrophotometer. Optical components are quartz coated and equipped with high-quality encapsulation for maximum performance and durability. Imaging holographic grating enables stray light reduction and 100% precise measuring results. The minimized number of moveable components ensures high reliability and a notably improved signal-to-noise ratio.


  • Cell changer for 6-8 vessels
  • Double cell changer for 12-16 vessels
  • Innovative CDD technology
  • Voltage stabilized radiation sources
  • Internal holmium oxide filter
  • Automatic wavelength calibration
  • Optimized wavelength accuracy
  • Self Check System (SCS)
  • Easily accessible sample compartment
  • Automatic accessory recognition
  • Highly accessible sampling area

Real double beam.

Real double-beam mode for highest precision and a better long-term stability by measuring the sample and reference signal at exactly the same moment. The measurement results always show a current comparison of both beams. This way lamp fluctuation and drifts are corrected by the second beam. Furthermore, it makes a direct compensation of the blanc solution possible.