MP-F Media Preparation Station

Integrated Xtend™ module for preparing, heating, and degassing dissolution medium.

MP-F Media Preparation Station integrated Xtend™ module for preparing, heating, and degassing dissolution medium.
  • PREPARE - Inline preparation with concentrates and connection of different media
  • SURFACTANTS - Use effectively on all media types including foaming media with surfactants
  • DEGAS - Highly effective vacuum degassing for complete & cost-efficient deaeration
  • CLEAN - Self-cleaning media tank with power washing routines that prevent cross-contamination
  • GRAVIMETRIC - Integrated gravimetric confirmation of delivered volumes per vessel
  • AUTOMATED - Prepare media to fill vessels and to automatically perform pH changes
  • INTEGRATED - Seamless integration into the housing of ATF Xtend™ fully automated dissolution systems
  • 100% REPRODUCIBLE - All steps are performed the same way every time - over and over again


Automated vessel filling avoiding reaeration of the dissolution medium.

Fill. Rinse. Repeat.

Medium preparation the efficient way - let your system do it for you. The integrated multi-purpose station allows preparation & degassing of media using different recipes and sources. Automatically prepare dissolution media to fill vessels, to replace withdrawn sample volumes, and to perform pH changes for multiple dissolution tests.

Automated media preparation with vessel filling for USP 1256 fully automated dissolution tester

Prepare & Degas.

Prepare media in-line with concentrate using your house DI water source or connect different media types for automated preparation. Pull a vacuum on your media at temperature for complete degassing as per USP and FDA guidelines. Use effectively on all media types including foaming media with surfactants.

Power washing routine of the integrated MP-F media preparation station

100% Clean.

Power wash the integrated tank for efficient cleaning and prevent cross-contamination. Robust cleaning methods facilitate easy media change for delayed release (DR) and modified release (MR) methods as well as entirely different products within a series of dissolution test runs.

Dissolution testing vessel with USP2 paddle method

Confirmed volumes.

The MP-F seamlessly integrates with the AT-F dissolution bath to fill vessels automatically down the vessel wall to avoid reaeration. Gravimetric confirmation  provides additional documented proof that required volumes have been accurately delivered to each vessel. In-vessel volumes can be monitored throughout the test.