Direct injection of collected dissolution samples into any liquid chromatography system.

  • INTEGRATION - Integration of all liquid chromatography systems / brands possible
  • ERROR PREVENTION - No more manual re-racking of collected dissolution samples
  • SAVE TIME - Reduce time-to-injection to an absolute minimum for your most critical products
  • AUTOMATED - Direct injection of dissolution samples into your HPLC / UPLC system
  • INJECTION - Let your dissolution system automatically fill the injection loop of your HPLC / UPLC
  • UNATTENDED - Run dissolution tests with multiple timepoints over night including LC analysis

The UPLC difference.

Robust methods.

Take your methods to the next performance level. Leverage the benefits of UPLC technology to improve your existing HPLC methods. By scaling your methods to UPLC, your laboratory can benefit from the combination of increased resolution, sensitivity, and speed that comes with modern small particle chemistries. Conversion tools can help in upgrading methods.

Automate experiments.

Discovering the best methods gets you the best results. UPLC can provide the versatility to discover the best set of chromatographic conditions for your sample, providing a more robust method. The flexibility of modern UPLC systems allows you to automatically screen key method parameters and help to automate your method development experiment.