SAM M Sample Manager

High-capacity fraction collector for offline sample collection at up to 60 timepoints.

  • HIGH CAPACITY - Collect samples from up to 60 timepoints in four separate racks
  • AUTOMATION - Ideal for a sequence of unattended dissolution tests with DR / MR methods
  • PIERCING - Guided needle piercing to collect 2mL or 4mL sample volumes in LC vials with closed caps
  • CANNULA - Sample collection in standard glass tubes or standard LC vials with slitted caps
  • WELLPLATES - Avoid error-prone manual re-racking by sampling into standard LC wellplates
  • COOLING - Protect temperature-sensitive samples and add cooling to avoid degradation
  • RACKS - Different interchangeable rack types available


SAM SR sample manager On-/Offline module to collect samples for dissolution testing from 15 time points.

12 timepoints

SAM Sample Manager S (30 timepoints) collects samples in glass tubes, capped LC vials, and HPLC wellplates for dissolution testing.

30 timepoints

60 timepoints


Samples in rack for dissolution tester

High capacity.

The SAM M collects samples for high-volume offline systems like the fully automated ATF XtendTM. When running several consecutive tests with delayed release (DR) or modified release (MR) methods, up to 480 samples from 60 timepoints can be stored. 

Collecting samples directly into wellplates. Ready to use for HPLC or UPLC.

LC vials or tubes.

Featuring both horizontal and vertical drives, the SAM M collects dissolution samples in 4 individual racks on two levels. Using piercing needles or cannulas, it samples simultaneously into 6-8 capped LC vials or glass tubes at each timepoint. To avoid error-prone manual re-racking, sampling into LC wellplates is also possible.