ATF Xtend™ Offline

Fully automated self-cleaning dissolution tester to perform a series of unattended test runs.

  • 100% UNATTENDED - Run a series of dissolution tests without any operator action required.
  • 100% TRACEABLE - Automatically execute and record all steps from media preparation to system cleaning.
  • 100% REPEATABLE - Perform tests the same way every time - from vessel filling to sampling, filtration, and washing routines.
  • MEDIA - Automatically prepare, heat, and degas media to fill vessels, to replace withdrawn sample volumes, and to perform pH changes.
  • FINE FILTRATION - High-precision piston pumps can push through filters down to 0.2 microns for trouble-free HPLC / UPLC analysis.
  • CLEAN - No need to remove vessels anymore. The self-cleaning system automatically empties all vessels and performs a washing routine between test runs.
  • COLLECT - Collect samples in test tubes, capped LC vials, or wellplates from up to 60 timepoints.


Dissolution process steps with a fully automated Offline dissolution testing system.


Automated spray cleaning of vessels in AT-F dissolution bath at end of a test run.

True Automation.

Repeatable operation of simple laborious steps is the heart of the fully automated ATF Xtend™ dissolution system. Execute and record all steps from media preparation to vessel filling including gravimetric verification of vessel volumes, sampling & filtration, and cleaning of the entire system. Test execution is virtually identical to a semi-automated dissolution tester - adding traceable vessel filling and robust system cleaning performed automatically between test runs.


Automated media preparation with degassing and vessel filling

Fill. Rinse. Repeat.

Medium preparation the efficient way – let your system do it for you. The integrated MP-F module allows preparation & degassing of media using different recipes and sources. Prepare media in-line with concentrate using your house DI source or connect different media types for automated preparation. Pull a vacuum on your dissolution media at temperature for complete & cost-efficient deaeration or degas with helium sparging if required.


Setup a series of dissolution tests with SmartAdd tablet magazine

Keep on running.

Make your tests continuous – or prepare a new series of tests while the ATF Xtend™ dissolution tester is running. Whether you automate dissolution DOE in R&D or routine testing in quality control (QC) departments, SmartAdd™ allows flexible interaction and avoids downtime. Simply exchange complete tablet magazines or add new samples to a running sequence.

Collect dissolution samples offline with different capacities.

Sample. Collect. Repeat.

Workload increases or method changes call for maximum flexibility and scalable sample management – in addition to safe and reproducible collection and storage. The ATF Xtend™ with integrated SAM autosampler allows collection of dissolution samples in glass tubes, capped vials, or HPLC / UPLC wellplates from up to 60 timepoints. Highly effective flow-through rack cooling ensures that collected samples are safely stored under controlled environmental conditions.


Compliance by Design.

The ATF Xtend™ dissolution tester complies with all harmonized Pharmacopeia requirements as stated in USP, Ph.Eur., and others. Proven AutoCompliance™ with repeatable sampling positions, fixed shaft height and vessel centering guarantees 100% compliance without requiring time-consuming adjustments by the operator. State-of-the-art data management with q-doc® software ensures data integrity and allows implementation of a fully 21 CFR part 11 compliant system.



AT-F bath

Integrated module with vessel filling, sampling, and cleaning functions.

MP-F media station

Integrated module to prepare, heat, and degas dissolution media.

CP-F piston pump

Fast and powerful to push through filters and handle foaming media.

FS-F filter station

Integrated module to automatically exchange filters for multiple test runs.

CS-F cleaning station

Integrated module for spray cleaning and emptying of vessels.

SAM sample manager

Collect samples offline with different capacities (30-60 timepoints).

q-doc® software

All your data in one place with built-in 21 CFR part 11 compliance.


Video monitoring of the dissolution process in each individual vessel.


Video monitoring of the dissolution process in each individual vessel.

RS robotic station

Automated USP 1 basket exchange and USP 2 sinker retrieval.