11 May 2021

EmpowerLink™ Offline – Automatically link simple information to valid results

Automated data transfer of sample information directly into Waters Empower® Chromatography Data System (CDS). Compatible with both on-line, direct injection and the all new off-line workflow.

With the increasing importance of data integrity, EmpowerLink™ offers a validatable process to automatically include detailed sample information alongside calculated results. EmpowerLink™ combines the automated sample preparation data recorded in TPWsoft or APWsoft with the analytical HPLC results measured, recorded, and analyzed in Waters Empower Software. Critical preparation data can be seamlessly transferred directly to an Empower sample set – regardless whether the injection is performed online (= direct injection from the TPW/APW) or offline (= manual transfer of collected samples from the TPW/APW to HPLC/UPLC.)

Every step, such as sample weighing, extraction, filtration, and dilution of the automated sample preparation process is recorded and tracked in a secure database. Prepared samples can be directly injected or collected into the SOTAX sample collector in HPLC vials for separate analysis post preparation. While in each case data is transferred automatically, physical samples need to be transferred manually into the analytical device in the off-line example. To make this manual transfer as seamless as possible without any re-racking, the sampler collector allows to store samples directly in HPLC compatible vial trays. This process reduces the labor and risk associated with vial manipulation. The offline approach is easily adaptable to both HPLC and UPLC workflows and can be used with the EmpowerLink™ Offline function in the TPWsoft or APWsoft software.