12 February 2024

Streamlining Media Preparation: The Case for Automation

The presence of gases in dissolution media can impede the release of APIs by causing bubbles to adhere to dosage forms. Ensuring repeatable media preparation with consistent degassing can be critical for reliable dissolution testing & result comparability

While various methods exist for degassing – such as helium sparging, sonication, and vacuum – vacuum degassing is often preferred for its cost-effectiveness and efficiency in laboratory environments. 

It's crucial to address varying degassing levels, as they can significantly affect dissolution rates for certain formulations. A recent comparative study demonstrates the effectiveness of automated media preparation using the ATF Xtend™ Dissolution System with integrated MP-F media station, achieving optimal dissolved oxygen levels as recommended by USP.

Automated preparation not only standardizes procedures, enhancing repeatability, but the ATF Xtend™ also minimizes labor costs, reduces waste, and self-cleans, offering a more efficient and adaptable solution for media degassing.

For detailed insights and more findings, we encourage you to read the full application note, which is available for free in the download area of our website.