ATS Xtend™ UV Online

Integrated UV-Vis analysis in your dissolution tester of samples in real-time for each timepoint.

  • IMMEDIATE - Dissolution results can be viewed in real-time as they are generated, reducing analysis time and associated costs
  • FAST - Sample as often as every 60 seconds in each vessel if short timepoint intervals are required for your modified release methods
  • CLOSED - Withdrawn sample volumes are immediately returned to vessels after UV-Vis measuring
  • ANALYSIS - Single wavelength and multi-component analysis of all samples simultaneously
  • INTEGRATE - Different spectrophotometers with double beam or diode array technology can be integrated
  • DATA INTEGRITY - All UV-Vis results and protocolled test conditions are consolidated in a single test report
  • NETWORKING - Network multiple dissolution tester to share methods, consolidate batch records from different systems, and simplify user administration


Dissolution process steps with a fully automated UV Online dissolution testing system.


UV7 UV-Vis Compact and fast diode array photospectrometer for UV Online dissolution testing.

Immediate results.

The ability to immediately analyze 6-8 dissolution samples in parallel at each sampling point with an integrated UV-Vis spectrophotometer, delivers real-time results and dissolution profiles. At the same time, the ATS XtendTM dissolution tester prevents mistakes and simplifies data management. All UV-Vis measurements are automatically consolidated with protocolled test conditions into one single report.

Dissolution tester USP 1256 Vessel with paddle

Simultaneous sampling.

XtendTM allows flexible automation of your sampling process. Pull samples simultaneously with motorized lift-in/out AutoLiftTM cannulas, use innovative HollowShaftTM, or sample with resident probes. Pulled samples are immediately returned into the vessels after UV-Vis measuring. Media replacement for delayed release (DR) or modified release (MR) methods is no longer needed.


Specord UV-Vis High performance double beam photospectrometer with CDD for analysing dissolution samples.

UV-Vis spectrophotometer.

The ATS XtendTM allows integration of different UV-Vis spectrophotometers with an automated cuvette changer for testing of dissolution samples from 6-8 vessels. Perform single wavelength and multi-component analysis with double beam UV-Vis technology (CDD) or execute a full scan as often as every 60 seconds with diode array.

Multi-purpose media selector perform one-touch sample line cleaning on completion of a test.

Simplified cleaning.

Once a dissolution test has been completed, the ATS XtendTM assists operators to clean the setup. Equipped with a multi-media valve, the system automatically flushes all sample lines and tubings at the click of a button.

User-friendly EasyTouch™ interface assists the operator in executing tasks for dissolution tester AT Xtend

Network your system.

Avoid redundant management of user groups, users, and passwords - or share dissolution methods between XtendTM dissolution tester UV Online or On-/Offline systems. Networking with powerful q-doc® software allows streamlining your data handling processes and consolidation of different types of tests into one single batch report.


AT dissolution tester bath for manual and semi-automated testing.

AT dissolution tester

Xtend™ dissolution bath with flexible sampling & monitoring functions.

Benchtop pump with maintenance-free ceramic piston heads for dissolution tester USP 1256.

CP piston pump

Fast and powerful to push through filters and to handle foaming media.

Double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer for realtime dissolution data

Specord® UV-Vis

High-performance double beam spectrophotometer with CDD.

Data management software for all methods, results, and users.

q-doc® software

All your data in one place with built-in 21 CFR part 11 compliance.


Benchtop filter station to automatically change syringe filters for dissolution tester USP 1256.

FS filter station

Automated change of syringe filters for multi-timepoint methods (DR/MR).

Peristaltic pump for UV online dissolution tester USP 1256.

IPC peristaltic pump

Simple peristaltic pump for UV online of non-critical products.

Integrated UV-Vis analysis for immediate dissolution testing results.

UV7 UV-Vis

Compact and fast diode array spectrophotometer for UV Online.

WinsotaxPlus Dissolution testing software 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, controlling all aspects of data capture and analysis with customized reporting and exporting.


Dissolution software to manage methods, results, and reports.

MPS media preparation station for manual and semi-automated dissolution testing systems.

MPS media station

Mobile media preparation station to heat, degas and dispense in vessels.

Video monitoring of the dissolution process in each individual vessel.


Video monitoring of the dissolution process in each individual vessel.