18 January 2024

Xtend™ – Automated Cleaning Routines

Did you know that the Xtend™ Dissolution line features automated cleaning routines that simplify your workflow?

The semi-automated ATS Xtend™​​​​​​​ features an automated cleaning routine that flushes all fluidic paths that are part of the closed loop system.

Cleaning conventional dissolution systems is often poorly documented and consumes valuable operator time that could be better spent on more productive tasks. As a standard, the semi-automated ATS Xtend™ streamlines the process by automatically flushing all fluidic paths at the push of a button. This means the user only needs to manually wash the shafts and vessels.

The fully automated ATF Xtend™ goes several steps further by automating the complete cleaning routine, including the cleaning of vessels and shafts. This fully automated system also manages the filling of vessels, offering complete traceability of both these important steps.

In our new application note on this topic, you will find valuable information and advice on the automated cleaning processes for both the semi- and fully automated Xtend™ workflows. You can download it here for free.