CE 7smart On/Offline

150_CE 7smart Manual

  • EXPERIMENT - Supports biorelevant and development dissolution testing from APIs to final dosage forms
  • ADAPT - Test APIs, oral, topical and parenteral dosage forms reproducibly
  • TEST - Logical, icon based, user protected, single or multiple, centralized or local, test set-up are easier than ever
  • RECORD - Allows complete traceability through user's right administration, audit trail, unlimited method programming and reporting



Ease of use

The CE 7smart manual is simplified to let the user focus on experimentation. A variety of compendial and non compendial cells are available to host every formulation reproducibly. The analyst is free to adjust the dissolution media volume to its method development requirements. Heating and flow rate are regulated by the CE 7smart according to the user’s method programming.

From API to novel dosage forms

Dissolution testing is a supra-indicator of parameters monitored during the manufacturing of a dosage form. The CE 7smart apparatus 4 widens the design of experiment being the only compendial dissolution instrument allowing a reproducible testing of APIs, intermediates and final dosage forms. The CE 7smart gives relevant information from pre-formulation and characterization to IPC and QC testing.

Simple and robust

The CE 7smart is the fourth generation of Flow-Through Cell systems initially designed by SOTAX in the seventies for the Dr Langenbucher, R&D pioneer of the Flow-Through Cell technique in CIBA-Geigy. Manufactured by the leading company in QC Pharmaceutical testing, the CE 7smart remains built in Switzerland with the best components, under a tight quality process.

Volume flexibility

The CE 7smart user can adapt his open and closed system settings to its real solubility and sensitivity method requirements, simply adjusting the required media volume. From 50 to 5000 mL, maintaining the same hydrodynamic conditions in every volume condition, the CE 7smart allows a reproducible positioning of the dosage form into the cell.


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