23 – 25 June 2022


Disso India 2022

SOTAX is proud to be platinum partner of the 11th Annual International Conference on Dissolution Science and Applications. Register now to join this year's event online and learn more about advances in dissolution science. Spread over three days (23.-25. June 2022), international speakers from the industry cover a wide range of scientific topics.

  • Nanocrystals (NanoCrySP) for dissolution enhancement through various route of administration
  • Advances in HME technology
  • Lipidic systems for solubility enhancement
  • Effect of polymeric preciptation inhibitor on dissolution of drugs
  • Advanced Third Generation Solid Dispersions - Novel approach for bioenhancement
  • Dissolution of long acting parenterals
  • Dissolution in continuous manufacturing
  • IVIVC for complex non-oral drug products
  • IVRT to support approval of topical drug products
  • Role of biomolecular corona in drug release kinetics from nanocarriers
  • Biorelevant dissolution media
  • Data required to build a fit-for-purpose PBPK model: How much is necessary?
  • Role of dissolution in biowaiver
  • Real time particle analysis in USP type IV flow through apparatus
  • QbD in dissolution
  • Productivity enhancement using robotic platforms
  • Artificial intelligence based particle characterization and its influence on dissolution testing
  • Data integrity in dissolution for regulatory submission
  • Material sparing approaches in dissolution (Microdissolution)
  • Spectroscopic imaging for understanding dissolution mechanism

SPDS, the Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science, was formed in 2012 with the objective of promoting science and technological development in the field of dissolution among pharmaceutical professionals, academia, students, and regulatory bodies. SPDS is the only professional body dedicated to Dissolution and its application worldwide.

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  • Disso India 2022
  • 23 – 25 June 2022
  • Online