JetX™ MultiFlow

Boost your productivity.

  • CIRCULAR – Optimum water flow for temperature homogeneity and excellent observation
  • SAMPLING – Different sampling possibilities including AutoLift™, HallowShaft™, and stationary cannulas
  • FILTRATION – Maximum flexibility with tip filters, disc filters, and 25mm syringe filters
  • TEMPERATURE – Measure and protocol in-vessel temperatures individually with AutoLift™
  • VISIBILITY – Obstruction-free video monitoring with full view of individual vessels
  • COMPLIANT – Full compliance with all international Pharmacopeia requirements
  • APPARATUS – Different vessel designs and apparatus types for USP 1/2/5/6 methods and more


Dissolution process steps with a manual dissolution tester.


Dissolution testing vessel with USP2 paddle method

Repeatable sampling.

Manual sampling within designated time slots can be challenging. Your AT Xtend™ dissolution tester offers different possibilities for sampling - including the proven HollowShaft™ technology. Operators simply attach syringes to luer-lock connectors on the suction head and pull samples directly through the drive shaft. The sampling position inside the vessel is fixed and 100% repeatable without creating any undesired hydrodynamic effects.


User-friendly EasyTouch™ interface assists the operator in executing tasks for dissolution tester AT Xtend

Guided procedures.

An icon-based, user-friendly EasyTouch™ interface assists the operator in executing tasks. Automatic user prompts guide dosage form introduction for staggered test start. Once the dissolution test is running, an alert with audible signal announces upcoming timepoints ahead of time. For sample withdrawal, the operator is once again guided through the staggered sampling procedure.

Video monitoring of the dissolution process in each individual vessel.

See what's happening.

The circular bath design provides excellent observation possibilities during your dissolution runs. Developed with video monitoring in mind, it allows for a complete and unobstructed full vessel view from both outside and inside the water bath. Optional CenterView™ video monitoring and in-vessel temperature measuring with AutoLift™ further add to the protocolling capabilities of your manual dissolution tester.


Use the CP piston pump to push through filters and handle foaming media and integrate a Specord UV-Vis spectrophotometer to analyse your samples immediately.


The manual AT Xtend™ is ready for automation. You can turn your manual bath into a semi-automated system anytime - simply add other Xtend™ modules. Whether you would like to take samples automatically, collect withdrawn samples in capped LC vials, or want to integrate a UV-Vis spectrophotometer - the AT Xtend™ is ready whenever you are.

AutoCompliance with self-centering dissolution vessels.

Compliance by Design.

The AT Xtend™ is compliant by design - and helps to ensure that your manual dissolution tests are performed in accordance with Pharmacopeia regulations. Low wobble ratings, fixed shaft height, and self-centering vessels allow for fast and trouble-free change-overs without any adjustments by operators. 



AT dissolution tester bath for manual and semi-automated testing.

AT dissolution tester

Xtend™ dissolution bath with flexible sampling & monitoring functions.


MPS media preparation station for manual and semi-automated dissolution testing systems.

MPS media station

Mobile media preparation station to heat, degas and dispense in vessels.

Video monitoring of the dissolution process in each individual vessel.


Video monitoring of the dissolution process in each individual vessel.