Automatic Tablet Testing System.

One for All - The new
AT50 Tablet Testing System

The AT50 sets new standards for highly efficient testing of multiple batches in the lab. Robust and fast with reliable precision:

  • For all your tablets
  • Fast testing of 5 parameters
  • Small footprint
  • Benchtop in R&D, QC, and IPC labs



For all your products.

All tablets. All environments.
Reliable positioning of samples for repeatable results is at the very heart of the AT50. Knowing that some tablet shapes pose different automation challenges for separation, transport, and correct alignment, our engineers combined proven features of existing SOTAX and Dr. Schleuniger® testers with new innovations. The result is an extremely flexible, robust, and fast automatic testing system. Equipped with both AutoAlign™ and SmartAlign™, the AT50 simply handles all your tablets – including difficult-to-orient oblongs, oval tablets, and even unconventional convex or flat shapes.

Make testing continuous.
Up to 10 different products can be loaded concurrently using an integrated magazine feeder. Once started, the AT50 executes complete sequences of test runs without requiring any change-over. You can even make your testing continuous by adding new sample sets to empty magazines anytime.

Five Parameters. Three Stations. One Tester.

  • Universal separator: The self-adjusting high-speed feeder reliably separates all sizes and shapes – from very small samples to large effervescent tablets.
  • Trouble-free weighing: Tablets are automatically centered on the vibration-resistant weighing platform. Fragments or double tablets are immediately discharged.
  • SmartAlign™: A flap with tilting mechanism reliably positions all standard shapes and unconventional dosage forms such as hexagonal tablets.
  • AutoAlign™: Two counter-rotating rollers accurately align even the most convex shapes for width / length (diameter) / hardness measuring.
  • Highly accurate thickness: A linear feed track ensures that tablets always arrive on their convex side for correct thickness measuring. An integrated TouchControl™ sensor prevents compression during measuring.

For the lab.

Automatically execute multiple test runs for different products and batches. Simplify DOE studies in R&D and maximize testing efficiency in QC and IPC laboratories. Benefit from built-in data integrity and network your AT50 with powerful q-doc® data management software to automatically protocol all results in full compliance with 21 CFR part 11 requirements.

  • SmartAdd™ – Keep on running: Short cycle times and multi-batch handling make the AT50 a true workhorse for your laboratory. Receive a new lot from production for urgent testing or a new stability timepoint comes into the lab? No problem, the SmartAdd™ magazine feeder allows flexible interaction and avoids downtime.
  • Minimum bench space: Compact and robust, the AT50 has a small footprint and fits on a standard laboratory bench. The open test area ensures that measuring processes remain fully visible at all times and that operators can easily perform routine cleaning of the stations.

The new AT50 - fast testing of 5 parameters for all your tablets on a small footprint benchtop device in R&D, QC, and IPC labs.
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