AutoTest 4
Automatic Tablet Testing System

Precise measuring of weight, thickness, diameter, hardness
Reliable orientation of all tablet shapes
Robust design for demanding IPC environments
For stand-alone operation or integrated with a tablet press


The AutoTest 4 is capable of testing a wider variety of tablets shapes than any other automatic tester on the market. Practically any imaginable design, including oblong, diamond, hexagon and other special shapes are automatically positioned to measure weight, thickness, diameter and hardness.

The linear movements of the patented SmartRake™ system in combination with a linear feed track guarantee reliable tablet orientation at all times. All standard round, oblong and oval tablet shapes are accurately oriented without any modifications or adaptations of the AutoTest 4. Special forms can be reliably positioned by quickly exchanging the standard rake with a custom Smart Rake™. The complete change-over is easily executed within seconds and doesn't require any tools. Even cylindric shapes, capsules and test samples that tend to roll during transport can be tested as the AutoTest 4 features exchangeable chutes with and without grooves(that prevent round materials from rolling).

The modular design of the AutoTest 4 also permits easy customization of your tester according to individual requirements. Choose from a wide range of standard accessories and options to tailor your machine to specific R&D, quality control or integrated IPC demands.


The solid and vibration-resistant construction of the AutoTest 4 guarantees reliable test results at all times. Its unique SmartRake™ system with combined linear feed track ensures correct orientation of each test object. Precision measuring technology provides the highest accuracy.

Only the combination of quality components, state-of-the-art measuring technology and correct tablet orientation gives you test results you can rely on in everyday operation. Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron measuring technology complies with all current USP and EP requirements and offers consistently accurate results. Tablet hardness is measured using a precision S-beam load cell with a linearity of 99.95% over the entire measuring range. Balance problems due to vibrations known from other testing systems are virtually non-existent with the AutoTest 4. The unique mechanical integration of a high quality weighing module makes it extremly resistant to any kind of vibration - whether the tester is positioned on a laboratory table or on the production floor next to a tablet press.

Stand-Alone Operation

Equipped with a magazine feeder, the AutoTest 4 provides for a variety of up to 12 different products to be loaded concurrently. Testing proceeds automatically including generation of a test report after completion of each individual test. One tester can be shared by an entire team in the IPQC lab to streamline processes or among a group of press bays in production.

As the AutoTest 4 is capable of testing a great variety of tablet shapes and sizes without requiring any modifications, it is ideally suited for the automatic execution of a whole series of tests. After each test, a test report with statistical analysis and individual measurement results is printed automatically. Individual alarm functions can be used to alert laboratory personnel or the press operator
in case of limit violations or if a test has failed. Connection of an optional status light or custom devices for audible alarms is also possible. All options, including the modular 12-magazine feeder, can also be retrofitted to existing machines anytime.

Automatic In-Process Control (IPC)

From full online testing capability with different brands of tablet presses for automatic self adjustment to mechanical integration with older tablet presses – the AutoTest 4 is the ideal choice for highly efficient in-process control. Its robust design makes it perfectly suited for demanding production environments.

Automated in-process control inside the compression room exposes instruments to the challenges of daily tablet manufacturing. The rugged construction of the AutoTest 4 virtually eliminates problems typically associated with other tablet testing systems due to press room environments. Equipped with integrated wheels or placed on a special transport trolley, the AutoTest 4 can be conveniently moved to another location on the production floor during change-over operations and cleaning of the compression machine. In order to further optimize your in-process quality control, additional options such as automatically collecting samples during production runs or quickly performing stand-alone tests during setup of the tablet press are readily available.

Online IPC with tablet press

To take full advantage of modern high-capacity tablet presses requires reliable in-process tablet testing. The AutoTest 4 can be fully integrated with a great variety of tablet presses from different manufacturers. Tablet samples are automatically diverted at regular intervals and measured values are transferred in real time directly to the tablet press controller. When equipped with the respective option, the tablet press can automatically self-adjust based on measured values and effectively prevent waste production (e.g. caused by drift). Time-to-evaluated-result, respectively the time until corrective actions are taken during a production run, is thereby reduced to an absolute minimum. In addition, automatic sampling at regular intervals and self adjustment of the tablet press allows minimal operator interaction.

Simplified setup with EasyTouch™

Equipped with the integrated EasyTouch™ user interface, the AutoTest 4 can be operated as a stand-alone unit whenever needed while maintaining full online capability. This is particularly useful during setup of the tablet press when operators need to quickly perform tests on a small number of samples before starting production. In addition, the EasyTouch™ interface also allows programming of up to 100 different products including nominal values and limits – providing additional flexibility to use the tester stand-alone anytime. Test results are always displayed on the touch screen during testing even when operated online. For tablet presses that do not allow for the performance of calibration tasks via the press controller, the EasyTouch™ interface features menu-guided calibration routines including printing of reports via USB or the Ethernet LAN interface.