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Dissolution System Finder - Step 2 of 4

Choose Your USP 4 Automation Level

Defining the level of automation that best fits the product and throughput requirements can help to ensure reproducibility and standardization of your dissolution test. The sequence of individual process steps before (pre-run), during (dissolution run), and after (post-run) the dissolution test include:

USP 4 Manual

When dissolution is performed manually, every process step before, during, and after the test is executed manually by the user. This is the most technician-dependent way of testing. For a manual system in an open loop set-up, this requires the lab scientist to change the fraction tubes or bottles and clean the circulation tubes manually.
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USP 4 Semi-automated

Semi-automated systems ensure that all sequential steps during the dissolution run are reproducibly executed without requiring user interaction until the post-run activity. A semi-automated single dissolution system will give the user the throughput of one dissolution bath, i.e. test 6 samples. In a semi-automated USP 4 system configuration the pump will start the flow as soon as the temperature will be stabilized and the fractions will be collected and/or UV-Vis measurements will be done - automatically. At the end of the test the media circuit will be flushed automatically as well.
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