Ultrapure water specialist
Type I

Friability describes the mass reduction of a solid dosage form such as compressed, uncoated tablets occurring when subjected to mechanical strain during handling such as tumbling, vibration, or rubbing in a blister packaging. According to USP <1216> and Ph. Eur. 2.9.7, a maximum mean weight loss of not more than one percent (1%) is considered acceptable for most products. Effervescent tablets and chewable tablets may have different specifications for friability. Measurement of tablet friability supplements other physical strength measurements such as abrasion tests and tablet hardnesss measuring (breaking force determination).

Type I –

Ultrapure water.

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Numerous factors determine the decision for an ultrapure water system tailored to your requirements. Among other things, the availability of feed water, the daily requirement, the acquisition and operating costs, the available space in the laboratory, as well as other user-specific requirements are decisive for the choice of the right Omnia system. If ultrapure water of the highest quality is required for analytical and life science applications in the laboratory, the new compact system OmniaPure xs is recommended. An integrated pretreatment unit always ensures reliable analysis results and reduces follow-up costs.

  • AAS (Atomic absorption spectroscopy)
  • IC (Ion chromatography)
  • ICP (Inductively coupled spectroscopy)
  • ICP-MS (Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry)
  • HPLC (High performance liquid chromatography)
  • HPLC + (ultra trace analysis)
  • Electrochemistry and electrophoresis
  • TOC analysis
  • Molecular and microbiology
  • Cell culture media


The FT2 shines at being straightforward and easy to use; its rapid SingleButton™ action makes navigating the user menu swift and easy.

OmniaPure xs touch

The area-efficient, intelligent ultrapure water system with intuitive touch screen. The Type I specialist when the highest degree of purity is required, with a resistivity of 18.2 MΩ x cm and a low TOC value of < 10 ppb. Optionally, endotoxins, nucleases and proteases are also removed. Equipped with the new touch dispenser with modern swipe and scroll functions, the new, compact OmniaPure xstouch system offers all conceivable comfort features.

Well thought out sustainably with resource-saving Blueline features.

FT2 offers two distinct modes for conducting tests: revolution/rotation count mode and time mode.

OmniaPure xs basic

The area-efficient, economical ultrapure water system with easy-to-use OneHand dispenser. The type I specialist when it comes to the highest degree of purity with a resistivity of 18.2 MΩ x cm and a low TOC value of < 10 ppb. Equipped with the practical Optifill dispenser, the new, compact OmniaPure xsbasic system saves space where valuable work space is needed.