Methods & Vessels

Different apparatus types and vessels for USP 1/2/5/6 and more.

  • Broad variety of different vessel styles including glass vessels, polycarbonate, or low actinic glass vessels
  • One or two liter vessels, mini vessels, China vessels, and peak vessels
  • Standard paddle (USP2) and basket (USP1) methods with different shaft designs
  • Paddle over disk methods, rotating cylinder, mini-paddle, China paddle, and intrinsic dissolution
  • All shafts and vessels are identified with a unique SOTAX serial number

Apparatus Types

Paddle (USP 1)

Paddle (USP 2)

Basket (USP 1)

Basket (USP 1)

Basket (USP 1)

China paddle

Mini paddle

Rotating cylinder (USP 6)

Rotating cylinder (USP 6)

Paddle over Disc (USP 5)

Paddle over Disc (USP 6)

Paddle over Disc (USP 5)

Intrinsic dissolution



Vessel Types

Glass vessel (1 liter)

Polycarbonate vessel (1 liter)

UV protected vessel (1 liter)

Glass vessel (2 liters)

Mini vessel

Peak vessel

China vessel