DVC-24 Vessel Cleaner

Robust mobile cleaning unit to empty and steam-clean up to 24 dissolution vessels.

  • FAST - Only 20 seconds per vessel
  • VALIDATION - Cleaning that can be validated
  • REPRODUCIBLE - Empties and cleans dissolution vessels of multiple dissolution baths the same way every time
  • EFFECTIVE - Provides documented evidence of cleaning effectiveness better than 99.8% / less than 2 ppm
  • UNIVERSAL - Compatible with different brands and different style dissolution testers
  • CAPACITY - Cleans up to 24 vessels / 4 testers without requiring reconditioning
  • MOBILE - No need to remove vessels anymore - bring cleaning to your laboratory bench
  • PATENTED - Highly effective steam-cleaning process applies both thermal and mechanical force


Patented technology.

The DVC-24 improves effiency of your lab. Suited for all type of dissolution testers, the mobile unit empties and effectively cleans vessels of multiple testers with a patented steam-cleaning process in just 20 seconds per vessel. No need to remove vessels anymore! Simply place the universal head cover on a vessel and push start.

Empty vessels.

Used dissolution medium and residue is completely removed - the operator simply places the universal head on a vessel and pushes start. In a first step a powerful vacuum pump quickly empties the vessel and collects all contents in an integrated waste tank holding used media and residues from up to 24 standard vessels.


The patented cleaning process uses non-toxic water steam as a cleaning agent. Water steam is symmetrically sprayed on the inner vessel wall - applying both thermal and mechanical force to remove even very sticky residue. Extra vacuum force is applied to dry the vessel. One complete cleaning cycle only takes 20 seconds - or 3 minutes per dissolution tester.

Validate your cleaning.

The DVC-24 achieves a cleanness effectivity effectivity better than 99.8% or less than 2 ppm. Benefit from reproducibly executed vessel cleaning that can be validated. Validation of cleaning methods for your products provides documented evidence of cleaning effectiveness for GMP compliance - and ensures that there is no significant carry-over between tests.