The ability to flexibly respond to permanent change in today's fast-paced pharmaceutical environment can make the difference between success and failure. Automating your dissolution process increases lab efficiency, allows to flexibly respond to different throughput requirements, and frees capacities of your team for value-added tasks.

Step 1 –
Fill Vessels.

Automated media preparation and vessel filling with integrated MP-F module.


Step 2 –
Start Test.

Tablets are automatically introduced once target temperature has been reached.


Step 3 –
Take Samples.

Automated sampling with AutoLiftTM, HollowShaftTM, or stationary cannulas.


Step 4 –
Empty & Clean.

The self-cleaning system empties all vessels and automatically starts the next dissolution test.



What do you not want to automate?

Repeatable operation of simple laborious steps is at the heart of automating your dissolution process. XtendTM allows flexible automation of all steps from preparing dissolution media to system cleaning. Thanks to its modular design, all XtendTM components that are in contact with your product are always 100% identical - irrespective of your system's automation level.


Perform all steps of the dissolution process manually. The AT XtendTM is automation-ready, but at the same time it is a robust and easy-to-use dissolution tester with 6-8 vessels. User-friendly EasyTouchTM operation, advanced user administration, and method version control make it at an ideal choice for compliant manual testing.



Take your samples the same way every time. Automated sampling with identical withdrawal positions ensures repeatability - and allows for fast sampling timepoints pushing through fine filtration even when using surfactants. Take full advantage of your semi-automated system by integrating analytics.


Fully Automated.

Let your system do the work. The ATF XtendTM performs a series of 100% unattended dissolution tests without any operator action required. Execute and record all steps from media preparation to vessel filling including gravimetric verification of vessel volumes, sampling & filtration, to automatic self-cleaning in between runs.


Increase Your Efficiency.